Expense Recovery and Cost Reduction – How Much of Yours Is Going to Waste?

Businesses hemorrhage funds for a variety of reasons. Among the most substantial are overpaid invoices, poor utilization of tax incentives, improper filing classification, and related expenditures. These are relatively easy to correct through expense recovery and cost reduction programs like Stryde. The real question is – then what? Savings yields have become trivial, conservative stock portfolios don’t do much better, and more aggressive avenues tend to present significant risk.

This is where Business Owners’ Retirement Plans become so valuable.

  • We represent Commercial Lenders willing to lend your business $1,000,000 or more on an “interest only” basis.
  • These funds are then deposited into an Index account, for the Owner’s benefit, free from market risk, growing tax deferred.
  • At retirement, the Owner can receive lifetime proceeds “tax free”.
  • At the Owner’s death, the loan is repaid and any remaining funds are distributed to the Owner’s beneficiaries, tax free.

A key component of saving for retirement in this manner is how the money interacts with taxation:

  • Tax Deferred Growth
  • Tax Free Lifetime Distribution
  • Tax Free Distribution At Death

To learn more about leveraging your business to retire well, contact Chelten Consulting.