Top 3 Ways to Improve Employee Understanding of Company Benefits

Human resource (HR) benefits account for 30 percent of compensation spending in most organizations; companies seek to ensure their return in investment (ROI) is as high as possible. At the same time, employers want employees to understand and appreciate the value of their benefits package. If employees are not aware of the full range of their benefits, or don’t understand how to utilize their benefits, a lot of money is being left on the table in unused benefits.

Employers spend a significant amount of money to provide their employees with an attractive compensation and benefits package. But for some workers, understanding their benefits can be challenging, creating a situation where they do not access or fully use their benefits. And, at the end of the day, money left on the table when it comes to benefits is a lost opportunity for your employees and your company because a comprehensive benefits package increases employee satisfaction and reduces turnover. Understanding their benefits can help some employees better understand their coverage and get more from their benefits package.

Here are the top 3 ways your company HR department can help employees understand and access their benefits.

  1. Brand your company HR department

Branding your company HR department is important so that employees recognize letters from your department as vital and therefore will open regular mail, emails, app notifications, etc. sent to them at a higher rate. Whether you represent a large or small company, brand every bit of communication that is sent to your employees. Every time your employees see that brand, they will hopefully pay attention.

  1. Analyze the data

Take the time to data mine to discover the benefits that your employees tend to not use. Create a graphic that demonstrates the benefits and the corresponding dollar amounts that have been unused according to frequency (i.e. Top 10 Most Frequently Unused Benefits by Dollar Amount or some other type of chart) that helps employees clearly see the company investment they did not take advantage of in the last year. This can be a very effective way of communicating the value of lost benefits.

  1. Simplify your communication messaging

Typically, most companies communicate with employees about their benefits a couple of times a year. Especially if the communication is in the form of a super thick package of paper that includes a great deal of medical jargon that may be in the form of acronyms and terms that are difficult to understand, employee’s eyes will glaze over and the packet will be filed somewhere for later consumption, which may never happen. Increase the chances that your communication will be read by piecing your messaging out in communications that are easy to read and understand. Track your communication open rates and program enrollment rates to determine effectiveness and adjust your communications accordingly.

If your employees don’t understand or appreciate their benefits, your company is not capitalizing on the investment they’ve made as the important motivational tool it can be. It pays to take the time to implement ways to improve the perception your employees have of their total compensation. Improving their understanding is relatively inexpensive and well worth the effort.

To learn more about benefits communication, contact Chelten Consulting.

Communicate Employee Benefits Plans 24/7 with “Smartphone” Video Clips

dental tileYears ago, as an Employee Benefits Broker, my agency grew from just a handful of clients to nearly 500 when I introduced my “benefits in a box” concept.  Each year, we provided every client with a clear vinyl envelope filled with easy to understand descriptions of all their benefits, plus every possible application, and claim form.  We even included pens in each package to help employees complete their paperwork

While this kind of packaging was unheard of back then, the real tool responsible for obtaining and keeping clients for us was a customized audio cassette tape we included in each employees packet that explained all their benefits.  As a result, family members at home or employees unable to attend the annual re-enrollment meeting could listen to the same benefit meeting as though they were actually sitting at the employee meeting.

We offered this for every client we represented.  At the time that we offered something no one else had and something that Clients desperately needed: a better method of communicating employee benefits. Fast forward to today…20 years later, cassette tapes are out yet boring communication booklets are back in style.  Every day, I see thick, benefits booklets designed to put employees to sleep.

Today, we have a solution to boring booklets.  We offer an online version of what we created years ago…we can put your employee benefit meetings into short video “clips”, consolidate them for online viewing on the most widely viewed communication tool today…the smartphone.

For just a modest monthly subscription fee, we will customize a video benefits “app”, launch it to your own online site, and maintain and monitor it for you and your client.  In fact, for Agents writing business through our sister wholesale brokerage firm, Chelten Benefits Group, this customized service is complimentary.

We have posted a sample version for you to view yourself right now.  On your smartphone, go to

There, you will locate sample short video clips including:

  1. Premium Saver (Group GAP) Explained
  2. How to Use Your Health Plan
  3. Doctors Office visit copays
  4. RX copays
  5. Emergency room Copays
  6. Urgent Center Copays
  7. Dental plan description
  8. Short Term Disability
  9. Long term Disability

Additionally, we insert tiny urls links (home screen, right side, blue links)  with enrollment and claim forms, FAQ’s, employee handbooks, etc. plus whatever information you want your employees to have easily available.

Imagine having this service available to all your current employees and their families, plus every time someone is hired in your company.    This service reduces repetitive questions  HR personnel get every day from employees.  This simple tool can be a time saver allowing you to do more with your overworked HR staff. Interested? Just have your Insurance Agent call Chelten Benefits Group at 248-464-6544 and we’ll explain how it all works.