Voluntary Benefits Fall Short as HDHP Solution for Women’s Health

Affordable, comprehensive coverage for women’s medical issues was long considered non-negotiable. Today, HDHPs make no provisions for costs due to pregnancy, including the common and often expensive C-section. A recent study by Castlight Health found that delivery prices alone vary wildly, with some hospitals charging over $25,000 for traditional deliveries and over $40,000 for a C-section.

Hospital indemnity coverages are no better. Unlike group health plans, these VB plans all include benefits limitations based upon pre-existing conditions. An employee or spouse may be pregnant at open enrollment and denied coverage or benefits at a later date.

What is the solution? Where should HR departments turn? Group supplemental health plans (GAP plans) function much like the Medigap plans seniors use to round out their Medicare coverage. When surveyed, 94% either “like or love” their health plans. There are a dozen carriers today selling GAP plans that cover deductible and cost sharing expenses – including prenatal care and delivery.

Your organization can better support employees who expect or intend to have children through elective coverage options: learn more here.