shutterstock_174966584 - CopyDick Chelten, CLU, ChFC, RHU, MBA is a 30 year Employee Benefits veteran. Dick built and subsequently sold his Benefits Agency (Timberland Group Services), and has grown and sold numerous businesses in great part because of his market expertise. He is considered by many as the “best marketing guy in the Benefits business”.

Dick and his partners have created Chelten Benefits Group, a firm helping Insurance Brokers nationwide to prospect, sell and retain more business with niche products and proven “2 Plan” strategies.

For example, Dick recommends Employee Benefit Brokers design and offer “Medigap for the rest of us” 2 plan strategies. Here’s how it works: Employers purchase affordable “Bronze Plans” then allow their employees to “pick and purchase” their desired amount of Group Medical GAP plans for their families.  GAP plans fill in their Bronze plan deductibles and coinsurance costs.

Employers like low Bronze plan costs and employees get the added protection they desire. Brokers like offering a new idea that is easy to understand and implement.

This 2 plan strategy is similar to what millions of happy Seniors have been doing for years.  Surveys show that 94% of Seniors love their “2 plan health coverage”.  “Medigap for the rest of us” can accomplish similar results.

For more information contact the Chelten team at info@cheltenbenefitsgroup.com or call 248-464-6544.